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Painting By On 19 April, 2020

Papa Would Be So Proud

Papa Nurgle sends his love children… It’s been a while I know. After a very long painting hiatus, I’m back. I’ve finally launched my painting gallery on here today with first display miniature I’ve painted in a couple of years, the Age of Sigmar – Lord of Blights from Games Workshop. Such a brilliant sculpt by David Waeselynck and one…

Hobby Review By On 3 December, 2017

The Hobby Review – Citadel Painting Handle

If I’m painting a miniatures for a competition or display I’ll more often than not pin them to the display base or plinth so I’ll use some old pin vice handles that I’ve accumulated, over the last 26 years in the hobby, to hold the miniature while painting so I don’t have to touch the paint work. They are great…

Converting / Golden Demon By On 23 September, 2017

Duel Of The Fates – Chapter I

The date is set…. and 26th November 2017 will soon be upon us so I guess its time to start preparations for for this year’s Warhammer 40,000 Golden Demon competition. Having a quick look through the 7 categories available this year I’ve decided to enter Duel. It’s a fun category to do and I enjoy the extra challenge of making…