Having the new carry case that my Father-in-law made for me was a god send this year. It meant that I could finally take more than one thing with me to the show.

So I decided to take my sculpting attempts with me, as you know I haven’t been doing it very long so I didn’t have a lot to show, but, I got some very useful feedaback and tips from a few people up there including Edgar Skomorowski and it has spurred me on to try and become a sculptor… however long it takes! lol

Lots of practice ahead of me though, but I love a challenge. I have set up a sculpting gallery on here and I will be posting regular photos of what I’ve been working on.

My wife bought me a few anatomy books for Christmas last year as she knew I wanted to take up sculpting, so I have dug them out and will be studying them like I was back at college lol

Wiltrichs Anatomy Book Collection, Wiltrichs Anatomy Book Collection

I can’t remember if I’ve shown these on here before, but these are the two practice sculpts I am working on at the moment. They are Grimgor Ironhide and the old halfling miniature from the Warhammer Quest game (I think).

Grimgor Ironhide WIP, Grimgor Ironhide WIP by Wiltrichs
Warhammer Quest Halfling WIP, Warhammer Quest Halfling WIP by Wiltrichs

I’ll get some more WIP shots up of these very soon!

Thanks to everyone who gave me tips and advice over the weekend.