Family and my regular job have been keeping me pretty busy for the last couple of years, yes and I mean years not months or weeks and my hobby time has been virtually zero… anyone else feel like life is zipping past at 100mph?

Anyway, one of my more important New Year’s Resolution is to make more time for painting, sculpting, gaming and generally enjoying life a lot more rather than working myself into the ground.

With this in mind I thought I’d give the blog an overhaul and a brand spanking new look ready for 2017. Do you like it?

I haven’t been completely quiet on the hobby front though, I have managed to grab the odd hour of sculpting time here and there and I have just about finished my very first miniature. I’ll be doing an post on this in the near future. After a lot of messing around with it and breaking part of it, while trying to remove it from the cork its all repaired and ready for casting. I know it probably wouldn’t stand up to a professional sculptors work but I have to say I’m really happy with how it looks and can’t wait to get one painted.

We moved home back in September and I’ve now got a dedicated hobby room… basically its the garage and I have to share with my wife’s hobby stuff plus all the garden tools but dedicated hobby room sounds a lot more impressive.

It means I can now leave my airbrush set up all the time and once the Christmas/New Year madness is over I want to set up a permanent photography area. I’m hoping I’ll be a lot more productive if I don’t have to unpack everything every time I want to do some painting or photograph my miniatures.

I’ve got a few more days off before I have to go back to work after New Year so I will be getting the galleries and tutorial sections back up and running.

Happy New Year everyone…