A few months back now I was lucky enough to be asked if I could take my miniatures up to Warhammer World, Games Workshop HQ in Nottingham for photographing for an article in White Dwarf magazine.

Having been a massive GW and White Dwarf fanboy for best part of quarter of a century (god that makes me feel old) I jumped at the chance. If you fancy having a read its the December 2016 issue (UK) pages 118-119. They photographed my Blood Angel Captain, Space Wolf Battle Leader, Angron, Nurgle Champion and Sartosa Pirate

I’ve had a miniature published in White Dwarf years ago but it was just a small side column on a page with one little photo, I was really excited to see that this was a full double page spread.

One thing though, I haven’t painted in a long time so sadly it wasn’t anything people hadn’t seen before… which is part of the reason I am so motivated to get some new projects finished so I can share some new work with you all in 2017.