Lord of Blights - Games Workshop - Wiltrichs 2020

Papa Nurgle sends his love children…

It’s been a while I know. After a very long painting hiatus, I’m back.

I’ve finally launched my painting gallery on here today with first display miniature I’ve painted in a couple of years, the Age of Sigmar – Lord of Blights from Games Workshop.

Such a brilliant sculpt by David Waeselynck and one I’ve wanted to paint since it first came out… but I’ve always shied away from painting Nurgle characters.

So I jumped at the chance to dust off my Series 7’s and follow along with the YouTube Lord of Blights Masterclass by my good friend, super talented sculptor and all time favourite painter Darren Latham.

Now I’ve never been a fast painter, I started painting this figure in the 2019 Christmas holidays, so about 5 months is pretty good for me and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

If you get a chance to watch these videos by Darren, do it. They are sadly being taken down in May 2020 and his YouTube channel will be closed, so you have a few weeks left to have a look-see.

I have personally learnt a lot from watching them and I think my painting has improved considerably… now that’s not me blowing my own trumpet, I know I’m probably not in the Golden Demon trophy league of painting but what I mean is from just putting it next to figures I painted a couple of years ago I can see a big jump and this has got me excited about painting again.

I’m already planning my next project and ways to make sure I don’t get stuck in a painting rut again…. now this Covid 19 pandemic has slightly hindered me starting it (any guesses as to what miniature it is going to be?) but once the world returns to normal I will be ploughing straight into it.

Please check out the photos of my Lord of Blights efforts in my gallery here

Thanks for reading.