Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my Ragnar Blackmane Paint Along Series Part 1 – Preparation.

I know it’s not as fun as the painting, but when you’re painting a display or competition piece it’s important to take your time preparing the miniature and planning the colour schemes.

I’m a huge Space Wolves fan and have been collecting them for 28 years. I’ll be posting regular videos where you can watch me paint Ragnar Blackmane from the Prophecy of the Wolf boxset made by Games Workshop and I’m really hoping it will inspire you to join in.

I’ve been waiting a long time for Ragnar Blackmane to be released, Darren Latham has done an amazing job sculpting my favourite 40K character.

Check out the end of the video for the hashtag we’ll be using on Instagram to post your progress so we can all see each others work and follow along.

Additional images will be posted on my Instagram to accompany each of the stages so make sure you’re following me.