Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my Ragnar Blackmane Paint Along Series Part 4 – Painting Ragnar’s Hair.

Here are some reference images for you to use while following along:

Painting Ragnar Blackmane's Hair

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Let me know how you get on in the comments section below. I’ve changed some camera settings and taken onboard some previous comments about editing backing music so please let me know what you think of the video.

I’ve painted this stage using Citadel Paints. I know there are many brands out there so it’s difficult to give alternatives for everyone. Rather than leave anyone out here is a paint comparison chart I use quite a lot available here:


Paints Used:

RAGNAR BLACKMANE PAINT ALONG PART 4 - Painting Ragnar's Hair Paints Used

Balor Brown Tallarn Sand Ushabti Bone White Scar Agrax Earthshade Seraphim Sepia Lahmian Medium Alternative Black Hair Colour Paints: Abaddon Black Dark Reaper Thunderhawk Blue Russ Grey Fenrisian Grey White Scar