Hi Everyone,

In this video I show you how I go about painting freehand Ultramarine symbols on a Space Marine shoulder pad.

Here are some reference images for you to use while you’re hopefully following along:

Freehand Painting Ultramarine Chapter Symbol
Freehand Painting Ultramarine Chapter Symbol

Right… so… freehand whether you love it, hate it, fear it, it’s a brilliant way to give your army battle leader or character that extra little detail to make them stand out from the rest of your army on the table top or show off your painting skills on your display figures and competition entries.

If you are going to do it for a competition entry though you have to make sure that it is perfect, or a judge is going to spot it a mile off…. so no pressure!

Now I doubt you’re going to want to do this on every single figure in your army, well some of you might, but for rank and file I’d probably say stick to using transfer sheets if you’ve got them or just use some of the brilliant moulded shoulder pads available from Games Workshop these days, or maybe a mix of both could be a good look?

I hope you enjoyed this little video and it encourages you to give it a go yourself. Whether you’re painting a display piece or starting to prepare your Ultramarine army ready for the new 40k 9th edition.

Paints Required:

Corax White, White Scar & Macragge Blue