Hi Everyone,

In this video I will demonstrate how I paint green skin tones, which you can use to paint your Orcs, Orks and Orruks miniatures. I also cover how I paint Ork teeth and eyes.

Here are some reference images you can use when painting along:

Orks have got to be one of the coolest 40K armies there are. Their sculpts are so much fun to paint.

I painted this as a test piece to try out some different skin tones before I want ahead and started painting a small Ork army for my son, so we can get some games in. Especially as the new 9th edition of 40K is just around the corner.

I hope you enjoyed this little video and it encourages you to give it a go yourself. Whether you’re painting a display piece or starting to prepare your Orc, Ork or Orruk army ready for Age of Sigmar or the new 40k 9th edition.

Paints Required:

Deathworld Forest, Incubi Darkness, Rhinox Hide, Rakarth Flesh, Screaming Skull, Balor Brown, Ushabti Bone, White Scar, Agrax Earthshade (Gloss), Khorne Red, Troll Slayer Orange, Tau Light Ochre & Xereus Purple