General Musings

General Musings By On 2 August, 2015

My Space Wolves Army Project Chapter I

It’s going to happen… I’ve chosen a small battleforce as starting point,  I have a short attention span and need to make it achievable: Grey Hunter Squad – 5 x Grey Hunters Grey Hunter Squad – 1 x Wolf Guard Pack Leader, 9 x Grey Hunters Rhino Scout Squad – 1 x Wolf Guard Pack Leader, 4 x Scouts Sky…

General Musings By On 13 May, 2012

My Shiny New Carry Case

I’ve been looking around for a decent carry case so I can take my miniatures to Games Day for absolutely ages. I usually end up taking my entries in a converted IKEA storage box, which was great but means I can only take one or two minis with me. After looking around on the internet for a while and seeing…

General Musings By On 14 November, 2010

A Little Slice All Of My Own

Well I have talked about it for long enough and now I have finally done it. This is the beginning of a blog where toy soldiers matter. My own little slice of the web where I can showcase my painted miniatures, post my ramblings, and share my latest painting and sculpting projects. If you ever have any questions, please feel…