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Sculpting By On 28 September, 2012

A Long Road Ahead

Having the new carry case that my Father-in-law made for me was a god send this year. It meant that I could finally take more than one thing with me to the show. So I decided to take my sculpting attempts with me, as you know I haven’t been doing it very long so I didn’t have a lot to…

General Musings By On 13 May, 2012

My Shiny New Carry Case

I’ve been looking around for a decent carry case so I can take my miniatures to Games Day for absolutely ages. I usually end up taking my entries in a converted IKEA storage box, which was great but means I can only take one or two minis with me. After looking around on the internet for a while and seeing…

Stage by Stage-WIP By On 5 December, 2010

Creating My Space Wolf Battle Leader

I wasn’t going to bother entering Golden Demon this year, Voodooworx and real life had been keeping me busy so didn’t have much time to plan or do anything. I got chatting with a friend of mine one evening and afterwards I decided that I should try and enter something or I would just spend the whole day kicking myself.

It was only two weeks until the competition which didn’t leave me a huge amount of time at all. So I decided to focus on a single miniature, there wasn’t really enough time to do anything like a Squad or Regiment.

After looking on the Games Workshop website for some ideas I decided on a Space Marine, deciding what chapter was the easy part for me as I am a die hard Space Wolves fan. I came up with the idea to use the Kor’Sarro miniature leader of White Scars Chapter as a base for the conversion. A lot of the details on Kor’Sarro, like the wolf pelt on the backpack and the trophy teeth on his armour lend themselves really well to a Space Wolf.

I didn’t want to use the head and arms from the Kor’Sarro miniature, so looking through the piles of Space Wolf sprues I have lying around I settled on a bolt pistol arm for his left arm and power axe arm from the Space Wolf boxset for his right.

left arm - bolt pistol

The axe had two hands on it, but that was easily be removed.

right arm - power axe