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Painting / Tutorials By On 4 July, 2020


Hi Everyone, Welcome to my Ragnar Blackmane Paint Along Series Part 5 – Painting Ragnar’s Fur Pelt. This can be used to paint any fur on your Spacewolves or any furry miniature like your Wulfen, Fenrisian Wolves, Thunderwolves, Warg, Gore-Gruntas and Boarboys. Here are some reference images for you to look at while you’re painting along: Share your progress by…

Painting / Tutorials By On 14 June, 2020


Hi Everyone, Welcome to my Ragnar Blackmane Paint Along Series Part 4 – Painting Ragnar’s Hair. Here are some reference images for you to use while following along: Share your progress by using #ragnarpaintalong on Instagram and Twitter! Let me know how you get on in the comments section below. I’ve changed some camera settings and taken onboard some previous…

Tutorials By On 18 May, 2020

Ragnar Paint Along Part 1 – Preparation

Hi Everyone, Welcome to my Ragnar Blackmane Paint Along Series Part 1 – Preparation. I know it’s not as fun as the painting, but when you’re painting a display or competition piece it’s important to take your time preparing the miniature and planning the colour schemes. I’m a huge Space Wolves fan and have been collecting them for 28 years….

Stage by Stage-WIP By On 5 December, 2010

Creating My Space Wolf Battle Leader

I wasn’t going to bother entering Golden Demon this year, Voodooworx and real life had been keeping me busy so didn’t have much time to plan or do anything. I got chatting with a friend of mine one evening and afterwards I decided that I should try and enter something or I would just spend the whole day kicking myself.

It was only two weeks until the competition which didn’t leave me a huge amount of time at all. So I decided to focus on a single miniature, there wasn’t really enough time to do anything like a Squad or Regiment.

After looking on the Games Workshop website for some ideas I decided on a Space Marine, deciding what chapter was the easy part for me as I am a die hard Space Wolves fan. I came up with the idea to use the Kor’Sarro miniature leader of White Scars Chapter as a base for the conversion. A lot of the details on Kor’Sarro, like the wolf pelt on the backpack and the trophy teeth on his armour lend themselves really well to a Space Wolf.

I didn’t want to use the head and arms from the Kor’Sarro miniature, so looking through the piles of Space Wolf sprues I have lying around I settled on a bolt pistol arm for his left arm and power axe arm from the Space Wolf boxset for his right.

left arm - bolt pistol

The axe had two hands on it, but that was easily be removed.

right arm - power axe