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Painting By On 19 April, 2020

Papa Would Be So Proud

Papa Nurgle sends his love children… It’s been a while I know. After a very long painting hiatus, I’m back. I’ve finally launched my painting gallery on here today with first display miniature I’ve painted in a couple of years, the Age of Sigmar – Lord of Blights from Games Workshop. Such a brilliant sculpt by David Waeselynck and one…

General Musings By On 2 January, 2017

The Closest To Fame I’ll Ever Come

A few months back now I was lucky enough to be asked if I could take my miniatures up to Warhammer World, Games Workshop HQ in Nottingham for photographing for an article in White Dwarf magazine. Having been a massive GW and White Dwarf fanboy for best part of quarter of a century (god that makes me feel old) I jumped…