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Tutorials By On 31 May, 2020


Hi Everyone, A nice simple hobby basix video giving a brief introduction to imaginary light sources acting on a model when it comes to applying highlights and how I personally plan them out. The subject is a complex one and we can do more in depth videos on it in the future but I hope you will find it useful…

General Musings By On 10 May, 2020

I’ve Launched My YouTube Channel

Hi Everyone, Just a short video introducing myself and explaining what you can expect from my new miniature painting channel. The first part of Wiltrichs Miniature Art Paint Along has been recorded and is being edited right now, so should be ready to post very soon. Make sure you subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with…

Painting By On 19 April, 2020

Papa Would Be So Proud

Papa Nurgle sends his love children… It’s been a while I know. After a very long painting hiatus, I’m back. I’ve finally launched my painting gallery on here today with first display miniature I’ve painted in a couple of years, the Age of Sigmar – Lord of Blights from Games Workshop. Such a brilliant sculpt by David Waeselynck and one…

General Musings / Tutorials By On 7 January, 2017

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3…. Is this thing on?

Its official, it’s happening. 2017 brings video tutorials, you’ll be able to find them all on here under my tutorial section as well as my new YouTube Channel. Christmas was particularly good for hobby this year, Mrs Wiltrichs paid close attention to my very unsubtle hints all year-long. I got a copy of the new Bloodbowl board game…

General Musings By On 2 January, 2017

The Closest To Fame I’ll Ever Come

A few months back now I was lucky enough to be asked if I could take my miniatures up to Warhammer World, Games Workshop HQ in Nottingham for photographing for an article in White Dwarf magazine. Having been a massive GW and White Dwarf fanboy for best part of quarter of a century (god that makes me feel old) I jumped…

General Musings By On 2 January, 2017

New Year & New Blog

Family and my regular job have been keeping me pretty busy for the last couple of years, yes and I mean years not months or weeks and my hobby time has been virtually zero… anyone else feel like life is zipping past at 100mph? Anyway, one of my more important New Year’s Resolution is to make more time for painting,…