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General Musings By On 10 May, 2020

I’ve Launched My YouTube Channel

Hi Everyone, Just a short video introducing myself and explaining what you can expect from my new miniature painting channel. The first part of Wiltrichs Miniature Art Paint Along has been recorded and is being edited right now, so should be ready to post very soon. Make sure you subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with…

General Musings / Tutorials By On 7 January, 2017

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3…. Is this thing on?

Its official, it’s happening. 2017 brings video tutorials, you’ll be able to find them all on here under my tutorial section as well as my new YouTube Channel. Christmas was particularly good for hobby this year, Mrs Wiltrichs paid close attention to my very unsubtle hints all year-long. I got a copy of the new Bloodbowl board game…