This is a nice simple tutorial on how to create a display base for your miniatures.

First scratch the surface of the plinth with a scalpel to make it easier for the Milliput to stick to the surface. Break off a small amount of Milliput and spread it onto the middle of the plinth. Smooth it out so that there is a nice flat surface for your miniature to sit on later.

Next using some more Milliput add small blobs where you would like the bolders to be on the base. I’ve used something called Wood Putty in this example but it is very toxic so I don’t recommend using it. Milliput (whilst still not very good for you) will give you pretty much the same result. I also started adding some bit of slate to represent smaller rocks. Set the plinth aside for the putty to dry.

Milliput takes around 24 hours to fully cure so you may have to wait over night or if you want to speed things up and you happen to have a desk lamp with an old style 40W lamp and a small tin you can place the plinth under the lamp for around half an hour and it will cure enough to carry on working on it.

Once the putty was cured I carved the bolders with my scalpel to make them look a little more rock like. I also took some time to drill the hole where the miniature’s pin will fit into when I’m ready to assemble everything at the end.

Next add the sand. I use Games Workshop sand, but any fine sand will do. Glue it down with PVA glue. Add any extra details you would like to have on the base at this point. I’ve added some barbed wire.

Once the sand had been added water down some more PVA and added it over the sand to help keep everything in place. Set the plinth aside for the PVA to dry properly.

Next under coat the plinth with black undercoat spray. I use Chaos Black Spray but any black undercoat will do. Base coat the bolders with a mix of  Graveyard Earth and Codex Grey.

Next give the bolders a wash of Badab Black, Devlan Mud, Liche Purple and Scaly Green.

Next drybrush the bolders with the base coat mix to help bring out the detail you carved into them earlier.

Next give the bolders a light drybrush of Fortress Grey and Bleached Bone.

Now on to the ground. Base coat it with Desert yellow.

Drybrush the ground with a mix of Desert Yellow and Bleached Bone.

Wash the ground with a mix of Gryphonne Sepia, Baal Red and Thraka Green.

Once the wash has dried, give the ground a light drybrush of pure Bleached Bone.

Now it’s time to pick out the details like the skull, barbed wire and add static grass. When all this has been done, use some Chaos Black and go around the edges of the plinth to clean it up.

You are now ready to add your miniature. Hope you found this useful.