Painting eyes is quite a tricky thing to do. The face is one of the focal points on a miniature, your eyes are naturally drawn to it, if the eyes are pointing in different directions or messy it’s going to get noticed. So it’s worth practicing until you get the hang of it.

The problem is that most of the time, it is the very last thing you paint on a face. Unless you want to have to go back and re-work the face afterwards, it is usually something that you have to get right first time. A little tip is to rest or brace your hands on the desk while you are painting the eye, as it will help steady the hand.

I think the way I paint eyes is slightly different to the way most guides will explain how to do it, but I personally find this way gives you more control and you are less likely to end up with the ‘mad stare’ that you see on some miniatures.


  • Chaos Black
  • Skull White


  • Fine Detail Brush or Size 000

Step I.


Paint the face as you normally would.

Step II.


Using your fine detail (Size 000) brush, black out the eye ball with some water down Chaos Black paint.

Step III.


Using the fine detail (Size 000) brush again, water down some Skull White paint and carefully place a small dot into the corners of the eye, and your done.

Hope you have found this useful.