I’ve had quite a few emails asking how I painted the skin on Korvydae and my Lord Zhufor miniatures, so I have put this quick guide up for everyone. When I get a chance I will add photos to each of the stages.


  • Scorched Brown
  • Bleached Bone
  • Skull White


  • Detail or Size 00
  • Fine Detail or Size 000

Step I.

Apply a basecoat of Bleached Bone/ Scorched Brown Base 3:1 to the whole area.

Step II.

The first highlight is a Bleached Bone/ Scorched Brown 5:1 mix.

Step III.

For the next highlight use a Bleached Bone/ Scorched Brown 6:1 mix.

Step IV.

Add in some Skull White to above mix for another highlight.

Step V.

For the final highlight use pure Skull White on the extremes.

Step VI.

Wash some watered down Scorched Brown/ Chaos Black into deep recesses where needed.

Hope you found this useful.